This is a good business of having your own company and you recruit professional people to farm on your behalf wherein you generate good profits on Crop Production, Animal Husbandry etc.

We will be giving you analysis on FISH FARMING

Fish Farming is not a business that consumes much capital and I very Lucrative.

Below are things you need to put in place to be successful in Fish Farming

Cost Analysis for 2000 fishes

(1) A land : in large scale fisheries, you need

I. Earthing ponds with a very good water supply, a stream can be channeled to a feeder pond which will service the main pond, this is most preferable as it maintains the freshness of the water and is cost effective

II. Concrete ponds: Is also good as it functions like the earthing pond, but with artificial water tanks and borehole. This is less cost effective and requires more attendants because the farmer will have to consciously control the water system at every point in time.
Another disadvantage is that it may develop water leakage problems in the nearest future

III. Transparent water Tanks: Is best used for growing fingerlings feeding on Artemia and Juveniles, because of its transparent nature it helps the fish see clearly and feed better.

IV. White Trampoline Ponds: Is very cost Effective and can also be used in place of the plastic Tanks.

(2) Water : your water supply must be year in, year out

(3) Fish : you need to buy the fish to raise
Fingerlings : 5 – 6 weeks old : NGN 18 × 2000 pcs = NGN 36,000

(4) Feeds : a bag of feed goes for NGN 6,000 of which 2000 fishes will eat for 3 weeks at juvenile stage
(NGN 7,500 × 4 = NGN 30,000)
And 10 days at adult stage
(NGN 8000 × 5 = NGN 40,000)
Miscellaneous : NGN 24,000
Total : NGN 94,000

(5) Transportation : NGN 10,000

(6) Labour : you will need to hire labour for NGN 15,000 × 5 = NGN 75,000 (negotiable)

(7) Drugs : Antibiotics & Vitamins : NGN 40,000

(8) Consultant : you may need a consultant to visit your farm from time to time (professional in the field)

(9) Maggots (vemipost) : For fattening : NGN 50,000

Now, let’s assume you have all the facilities on ground as stated, all you need to get this whole thing done is about NGN 310,000 approximately


A kilogram of fish sells for NGN 800 as at today but let’s assume you sell for NGN 650

An average fish weighs up to 2.5 to 3 kgs in 4 Months.
Let’s even leave it @ 2 kgs
That is : 2 × NGN 600 = NGN 1,200
Now, NGN 1,200 × 2,000pcs = NGN 2,400,000

Let us consider 10% of the fishes died which worth NGN 240,000
Returns : NGN 2,090,000

Total Profit = Return on investment – Invested Capital
Total Profit = NGN 2,090,000 – NGN 310,000
Total Profit = NGN 1,780,000 (In 4 Months)


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