Many people in low-income communities have big visions but no way to bring them into life, and some often have difficulty getting start-up funding for businesses and this is often due to poor entrepreneurial skills, lack of capital, and poor mentorship

The Rhythm of Wealth Empowerment Program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs . We offer business training and financial counseling with mentorship so our clients get all the tool, resources and backing they need to make their dreams a reality.

Our program promotes our clients’ success and fuels the creation of jobs within the community. Through partnerships with over 10 dynamic businesses nationwide, we provide access to a wide range of small business startup options as well as crucial business services, training, information, and resources. Our program includes:

Workshops and Training( Entrepreneurial Training Program, Small Business Development, Money Management Workshop)

Business Services (financial advisor, computer and internet access, marketing and business plans)

There are three (3) arms we focus on empowering people and these three (3) arms enable you to specialize on your field of interest